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Having the piano tuned is the main reason that people call me. But since the piano has thousands of moving parts there are many other piano services that I can do as well - listed below. 
Touch regulation is the term we use to describe the machine that works inside your piano. This machine is what governs the touch of the piano. Since many of the parts are made of wood and felt, these parts compress and wear down. These parts are attached to regulation buttons, and associated problems with these mechanistic components can be addressed by the technician. 

Even if the piano is tuned and regulated, the piano may be creating a harsh sound. This is usually caused by excessive hardness in the hammers. If some hammers are harder than others, some notes may “stick out” when playing.  Beautiful tone in the piano can be restored by a technical procedure called voicing. 

Other areas of service include:

Humidity Control Systems
​The piano can be quite stable if the humidity doesn’t change significantly. Even though Colorado is on the dry side most of the time, the summer does have a monsoon season and the winter can be affected adversely by the furnace.  I install two types of humidity control systems. The full system has both a humidifier and a dehumidifier. The smaller system I install is just a dehumidifier. Both are controlled by an electronic sensor.   

I have years of experience dealing with many types of issues in the piano such as: broken strings, broken keys, broken hammer shanks, sticking keys, pedal issues, and noises. When I service a piano, I educate the customer on how to have a piano serviced in a way that will bring the greatest musical satisfaction.   

Refinishing and Touch-Ups
Even though this is a different trade, I use an independent contractor for refinishing and touch-up who has specialized in pianos for over 25 years. 

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